Christmas Buffet on December 23rd 

It's the day before Christmas Eve, and as a tradition we will be serving a delightful Christmas Buffet on that day from 12:00 - 16:00. We will be looking forward to a joyful afternoon with you. There will be a surprise for the lucky one who wins the "mandelgave" and every child will receive a small gift.


The Buffet contains:​

Double salmon uramaki w/ seven spices
​Maki w/ tuna, kimchee & avocado
​Tempura prawn maki w/ tobiko
Sashimi platte deluxe w/ Danish yellowtail, Norwegian salmon & tuna from the Maldives
Prawn tempura w/ chili mayo
Monk fish in tempura w/ miso chili mayo
Baked cod w/ miso, horseradise yoghurt & grilled spring onion
​Danish duckbreast w/ pear, yuzu, celery & burned cream
​Danish venison w/ kale & salsigy
American Omaha Angus sirloin
Marinated potatoes w/ five spices
​Rustic French fries
​Bearnaise sauceWaldorf salad
Edamame beans
Home baked bread w/ wasabi butter
Selection of Arla Unika cheeses 
Ris a la mande
Selection of sweets
Fresh fruits

Price per person DKK 355,-
Children under 10 DKK 225,-