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Salmon sashimi w/ troutroe & ponzu
4 kinds of maki  (double salmon  -  crispy softshell crab & kimchee sesame  -  tempura prawn & tobiko - spicy salmon) 
Seaweed salad

Edamame beans w/ seven spice
Sourdough bread & wasabi butter
Dumplings w/ chicken & vegetables
Tempura prawns w/ chili mayo
Lobster bisque w/ white fish
Seared scallop w/ white soya
Duck breast w/ burned cream, pear in yuzu & celery
BBQ Duroc pork w/ passionfruit & pumpkin
Venison w/ kale & potato cream
Miso sauce
Rustic fries
Waldorf salad
Dessert: Yuzu, buchthorn-ginger sorbet & wild rice
pear & brown sugar sauce

Per person kr. 355,-
​Children under 10 years kr. 250,-

(The menu can be subject to change based on availability of ingredients)
​If you have a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity, please speak to your servant about ingredients i​n our dishes before you order your meal.
Credit card surcharges: Foreign cards (not issued within EU) 1,95%