Lunch Buffet on Saturdays at odd weeks 
from 12.00 - 15.00 o'clock


Our lunch buffet will be served on the following dates

November 24th and December 8th. We will have our annual Christmas buffet on December 23rd.

Lunch Buffet on Saturday December 8th

3 kinds of maki (foie gras & apple  -  softshell crab & salmon  -  tuna, mango & kimchee)
 Deluxe sashimi platte w/ Danish yellowtail, Norwegian salmon and tuna from the Maldives
​Dashi soup w/ cod (to be served at the table)
Seared scallops w/ broccoli, tarragon & dashi
Tempura prawn w/ chili mayo
Monkfish in tempura w/ miso-chili mayo
Burned toro w/ ponzu & trout roe
Danish duckbreast w/ burned cream, pear & yuzy
BBQ Duroc pork w/ passionfruit & pumpkin
​Deer w/ parsley root chips & portobello cream
Bearnaise sauce
Rustic French fries
Salad w/ kale, red cabbage, oranges and roasted almonds
Seaweed salad
Edamame beans
Oatmeal bread & wasabi butter
Fresh fruits​
Homemade cakes & sorbets/ ice creams

DKK 295,- per person
​Children under 10 year DKK 195,-

​​If you have a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity, please speak to your servant about ingredients i​n our dishes before you order your meal.

Credit card surcharges: Foreign cards (not issued within EU) 1,95%