Lunch Buffet on Saturdays at odd weeks 
from 12.00 - 15.00 o'clock

(except July 21st and September 15th)


Lunch Buffet on Saturday June 23rd:

3 kinds of maki w/ ginger, soya og wasabi 
Sashimi deluxe platte
Smoked salmon w/ asparagus, raisins & ramson
Crab salad w/ blinis
Prawn tempura w/ chili mayo
Monkfish tempura w/ miso-chili mayo
Dashi w/ steamed cod and seaweed (to be served at the table)
Bao w/ BBQ pork, hoisin / herbs
Lamb racks
​Angus steak w/ baked tomatoes and carrots 
Bearnaise sauce
Rustic french fries
Fresh salad w/ grilled vegetables & vinaigrette
Seaweed salad
Edamame beans
Manito bread & wasabi butter
Selection of Arla Unika cheeses
Homemade cakes & sorbets/ ice creams

DKK 295,- per person
​Children under 10 year DKK 195,-

​​If you have a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity, please speak to your servant about ingredients i​n our dishes before you order your meal.

Credit card surcharges: Foreign cards (not issued within EU) 1,95%